Personal Loan

Advance Cash is Singapore’s preferred choice of personal loan provider.

Here in Advance Cash, we have experienced and dedicated loan officers who will sit down and work through you debts and requirement patiently with you then work out various packages to specifically cater to your needs.

Our competitive interest rates and flexible monthly repayment packages will suit your every need. With Advance Cash, you can rest assure that we will help you solve your financial problem the fastest possible way without burning a hole in your pocket. You can carry on and maintain your current lifestyle without having to worry about making ends meet day in day out.

Our application is simple and all we need for you is to fill us in with as much information about yourself, your liabilities and your commitment and we assure you that we will try our very best to help you through your time of need.

No longer have you got to worry about hard to repay weekly repayment plans and unrealistic interest rates. Here in Advance Cash, we will work out a plan where you only pay us a reasonable installment on days that you get paid. We do not make you run around looking for money to make your installments. We want you to be able to concentrate in getting your life back in order and solve your financial issues the fastest possible.

As our commitment towards helping you save on your interests and getting out of your financial issues, Advance Cash also encourage our borrowers to repay their loan as early as possible. No penalties will be levied on early settlement and interests will be rebate accordingly if you settle your loan early with us.

Hesitate not, call Advance Cash now at 6250 0848 for our dedicated loan officers to assist you.