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payday loans rancho cordova: Examine In to Income at 10925 Olson Physician, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 | COMPACOM – Assess Businesses On the web

del Prado, which also has the telephone number that is 52 55 5721 2222.

In Monterrey, if you have any questions and who wish to obtain more information, we say that you can be very well received at the branch that is at Avenida Eugenio Garza Sada 2750, Tecnológico, or by calling their telephone number, 52 81 8387 2650.

Finally, as a conclusion to this topic, we say that in Puebla, on Avenida de la Reforma 316 PB, Centro, there is the headquarters in the region and its telephone line is 52 55 5721 2222.

In a loan that has a home as a guarantee, what do I want to apply for, if after the third month, for example, I liquidate everything, do they immediately return the guarantee?

That is undoubtedly a fundamental question, so it is always advisable to make credits of this type in serious and responsible entities. You can make advance payments and recover your guarantee, without penalties, at institutions such as HSBC, Banorte, Scotiabank, BBVA, and the like, which have been carrying out these operations throughout the country for years.

Being a Banorte client, do they give me liquidity credit? I have a house. and how would the rate be? Thank you

As a Banorte customer, you have a plus because you have a rating in the entity and you will be able to know faster if you access the loan. It will also depend on your income if they can give it to you without a doubt. And in what is interest, it is low, approximately 15.70% per annum and fixed.

I am interested in the plan of the Caja Popular Mexicana, could you inform me of the current rates? should i have savings? Thank you

In the credit that the Caja Popular Mexicana has to be able to give you money with the guarantee of your property and thus have liquidity, the current approximate interest rate that there is is 17.16% before taxes. As for savings, they must be had, and they will have to be 10% of the amount to be granted.

How can I get a loan for my land? I need 60,000, the land is 15 m by 6 m, location in Veracruz.

If you want the sum of $ 60,000 putting your land as collateral for the money that they are going to grant you, you could opt for the HSBC Liquidity operation, where you are given terms of up to 15 years. It is good to indicate that it has an opening commission and is 1.5% and the approximate total interest rate is 14.

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