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For example, if you request the HSBC Liquidity credit, the documents that the institution requires to access are proof of what income you have per month, proof of your current address, completed and signed financing application, official identification, and if you are married , accompany your marriage certificate.

I am from Tijuana I want a loan pledging my land, which bank grants more percentage? Thank you

Currently, with regard to banks themselves, BBVA is the entity that is granting the most percentage at home that you leave a property as collateral to receive cash, because it lends up to 75%. There are other good entities such as HSBC that can lend up to 70%.

If you live in Irapuato, a city that is undoubtedly very important, you will be able to find different loans that on your home can give you cash for expenses of all kinds. Clear examples can be entities such as Caja Popular Mexicana and also banks such as HSBC or BBVA.

If you continue to grant this credit today with many benefits such as being able to have approximate sums that reach the amount of $ 18,823,500.00. You must remember that to apply for this credit you will have to be associated with the Fund and the terms you will have are up to 240 months maximum.

I want to get a loan leaving one of my land which measures 13,850 m2 as a mortgage guarantee. How much could you lend me?

Regardless of the square meters of the land to be delivered as collateral, to know what amount of credit you can access, you must request an appraisal in a financial or banking entity. We suggest you use our online quote to compare different interest rates in seconds, and find out which is the most convenient for you.

In this credit you will pay a sum of $ 12.98 for every $ 1,000 that you have obtained.

Without delays, without bureaucracies and without intermediaries, in the city of Tabasco you will find offices of the Caja Popular Mexicana where you have advisors who will guide you so that you can become a member, meet certain requirements and then request any of the multiple credits that they grant effective in a few minutes. ?

Good morning, my name is Pablo Bermudez, I would like a loan of 500,000 for a land of 300 m2 in front of the shore of the lagoon at the foot of the Acapulco Guerrero slope, I am an imms worker with whom I can verify income.

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