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Neighbors of the Margarita Morán Véliz neighborhood met with Mayor Mariano Romero González, to discuss issues that are of benefit to all families in this sector, where important works that represent great progress and development were unveiled.

At this meeting, the municipal president Mariano Romero González was accompanied by the secretary of the City Council Octavio Tremari Gaya, who has been one of the main managers so that this neighborhood has these collective benefits in addition to promoting dialogue with the representatives of four sectors of this colonia, the trustee of the City Council, was also present supporting the actions that are being promoted through the municipal government.

During his message, Mayor Mariano Romero announced to the settlers that as of next Monday, November 16, the second stage of public lighting will start, it is a work highly anticipated by the inhabitants of Margarita Morán Véliz, «the first stage is already in place. where a group of people benefited, the second stage follows and if necessary a third stage will be carried out because it is about benefiting everyone, ”he added.

Likewise, he announced that the streets will continue to be shaped, hydraulic concrete will be poured from the main entrance of the Margarita Morán neighborhood to the Luis Salas García, these works are together and the support of all is required to obtain large benefits, “political conflicts hinder and lethargy, that is why I invite you to work together so that progress can be made,” added Romero González.

He stressed that he is working to regularize the property of the Margarita Morán Véliz neighborhood, he seeks to legalize Support to legalize and families can dispose of their land, if necessary, the municipal government will contribute an amount so that this area remains regularized.

Finally, the secretary of the City Council Octavio Tremari Gaya commented to the settlers that the public work is free, nobody should condition the support, it is a benefit that is being managed for the families of this Morán Véliz neighborhood.

Papantla, Ver.- Corn producers in this area of ​​Totonacapan request that the collection center be opened to be able to sell their product, these are harvest times that they should take advantage of and they fear that it will remain in their cellars and cannot get a little resource to be able to get out of this economic crisis due to the health contingency due to Covid-19.

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