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Create a memorable slogan that accompanies the brand. The slogans “We leave the lights lit by you” of the hotel chain Motel 6 and “Let your fingers walk for you” from the yellow section (from the United States) are attractive and easy to remember slogans. Use a distinctive combination of colors in all tangible aspects of the brand. Jetblue aircraft and black decoration with golden offices, trucks and uniforms of Hertz are easily recognizable.

Non-profit organizations have been treated slowly on the exploitation of brand management. The little thing that has been done suggests that brands can provide effective marketing support. Schools or higher education schools use supernoms (a brand name form) mainly for their sports teams, but also to identify their students and alumni. Most universities have school colors, another feature that helps increase school recognition by the market. Among health research organizations, the Association of the Lung has settled as a trademark its double bar of Christmas seal. Similarly, the registered trademarks of the American Red Cross and the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association, Christian Youth Association), presented at a promptly on their websites, are easy to recognize for many people.

Structure of price allocation in service marketing There is a great need for administrative capacity in price allocation. Since services are perishable, they can not be saved and subject to a demand that often fluctuates considerably. Each of these characteristics has significant implications for the allocation of prices. To further complicate this price establishment, customers often have an alternative “do it yourself”, as in the case of repairs of the car or the house. There are two tasks in the appointment of a price structure: determine the base price and choose strategies to adjust the base price.

Service Markets put their prices by adding a margin of gross earnings at their costs (called on cost) or estimating what their meta customers are willing to pay, regardless of the cost. The electric power and telephony companies, for example, use a cost base to put prices that will generate a predetermined rate of revenues on investment. Painters, plumbers and electricians usually put price at their services based on the most fee-fellow cost.

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