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Annual marketing planning. Covering a specific period, usually a year, an annual marketing plan is based on the strategic marketing planning of the company.

Attitudes towards strategic planning seem to occur in cycles. During the 1970s, strategic planning was highly valued in large corporations. Then, during the 1980s and almost all of 1990, the approach changed to implantation and evaluation, especially efforts to promote effectiveness and profitability. Now strategic planning returns to be favored, particularly with regard to global expansion. In fact, in a survey 27% of higher level executives rated strategic planning as the most important business function. Only the development of products, located first for 29% of the participants, had a higher score.7 Now, an expert urges managers to modify their thinking concerning strategic planning. A fundamental premise, according to this new perspective, is that it is possible to influence some aspects of the macroambiente, as the establishment of new business models. They have done it companies of creation to a certain recent extent, such as eBay, E * Trade and

Strategic planning of the company The strategic planning of the company consists of four essential steps: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Define the mission of the organization. To analize the situation. Pose the objectives of the organization. Choose strategies to achieve these objectives.

The process is shown at the top of Figure 20.2.9 The first step, defining the mission of the organization, influences subsequent planning. In some companies this step only requires reviewing the current statement of the mission and confirming that it is still appropriate. However, this simple step is omitted many times. Performing an analysis of the situation, the second step, is vital because many factors inside and outside the company influence strategic planning. An analysis of the situation is to gather and study the information that concerns one or more specific aspects of the organization. In the next section we will say more about the analysis of the situation. The third step in the strategic planning of the company, decide a set of objectives, guides the organization to fulfill its mission. The objectives also provide criteria to evaluate performance. 600.

Strategic planning of the company 3. Pose the objectives of the 1.

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