Foreigner Loan

Having problem of getting a loan from the bank?

Friends and family is too far away to help when you run into financial problem?

Fear not, Advance Cash is here to help. Since 2010, we have been the preferred choice of foreigners working in Singapore who needs emergency financial assistance.

Here in Advance Cash, we understand it is not easy working alone far away in a foreign land, Help can be so far away and it is never easy to obtain a loan in a country that is not native to you. Due to high flight risks, many banks and financial institutions would hesitate to provide any facilities to non-citizens.

However, being one of the pioneer in the lending industry, Advance Cash understands the problems that you are facing and have worked with many foreigners to know that we can help.

We do not discriminate against your nationality and believe that a little help from us can bridge you easily across your temporary financial problems.

Our dedicated loan officers are trained to listen to your needs and work out a reasonable loan package for you that is inexpensive to pay and easy to maintain with flexible monthly repayment schemes.

Unlike many loan providers in Singapore, we do not patronize you with measly amount that barely solve your problems. We make sure that you will get enough funds that you do not need to make visits to several lenders just so that you can consolidate enough to make ends meet.

No worries about sky high interests nor unreasonable weekly repayments. We are here to help you solve your problem, not create a bigger problem for you to worry about.

Here in Advance Cash, we care about your needs.

Call us now at 6250 0848 for us to assist you.