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Fortunately I also woke up to life. Just now, it’s true, but I woke up 🙂

Conclusion: I would go to the lady, with a bright smile, and I would sincerely thank her for being a witch, for having managed to end her relationship with his son and for showing her that her son is no good. as a human being (and that this is partly due to the education that the lady gave him).

Hello Patricia, although the reason was different … I see myself in everything she said. What matters is that what doesn’t destroy us, makes us stronger!

Patricia, also my relationship ended and now I’m in that phase that I already realized that he was no good for me (the guy after one month already had another one) but I also can’t see myself with anyone else. Our brains play pranks on us, it’s that on one hand it sucked, but on the other, no matter how much I look around me, I can’t see myself with anyone. But … being a positive person and after reading your story I want to believe that there are evils that come for good and that as in your case I will still find someone who will make me very happy. Stories like yours give hope. Radius of phases that we have to go through !!! I’ve been told to stop thinking about it that the less you wait it appears. But …. how can you stop thinking about it ???! Somebody tell me?

I left an 8-year relationship and did the same, except giving the clothes … but the truth is, I can’t wear them.

That man also ended my life, ended all our plans and dreams.

I cried drool and snot when I broke up with my ex. yes, I finished it, I was cold-blooded and I knew I didn’t deserve it, I deserved much more than that bondage bond. however, months later (sonsa) I found that I could not forget him and looked for him in an attempt (sonsa) to resume. I also wanted to see my reaction to being with him again. which is not my surprise … he had shaved his hair and was much fatter. what?!?! it was horrible !! ahhhh and such if you really loved it. Okay, okay. nor, with peanut butter. thank god! I fixed the matter right away, washed the dirty clothes that were stuck and even brought my air purifier that was forgotten there.

Ahah I loved it! And yes, appearance influences a lot, I say from experience! In no time, those saying “if you think that, he didn’t deserve you” …

And yet, sometimes, it is not forgotten. The pieces are glued together and you move on. But the scar remains. And sometimes it hurts. Thoughts come back, chest tightness too. And then, everything is stored again and closed under lock and key. It is hidden, but it is there, ready to unease us … Is it really possible to forget completely?

I think that we do not forget, that the harm they have done to us is not forgotten, that the scars on the soul remain.