Business Loan

The most important element necessary for a business to stay afloat and remain viable is positive cash-flow.

Profit on the books is useless unless the money is in your pocket as many of you businessmen will know. It is a common practice among customers to delay payment and it is such delays that may sometime cause unnecessary burden and hindrances to your operations.

Here in Advance Cash, we fully understand the constant challenges you experience, some expected, many unanticipated. With our wealth of experience working on business loans, you can be assured that funds can be made available to you during your time of emergency.

Be it a short term bridging loan for overhead expenses, liquidating of cash flow from overdue invoices or capital injection for business expansion, Advance Cash is definitely able to work something out for you.

Unlike other financial institutes who are rigid and slow in their processing of your application, Advance Cash revolves our loan packages around your business model. Our dedicated loan officers are trained to listen intently to your business model before designing various packages that is suitable to your turnover.

In simple terms, we get paid only when you get yours.

With our wide array of products ranging from term loan, factoring, merchant advance and invoice financing, there is something for everyone.

Interest rates though slightly higher than banks, Advance Cash is more tolerant towards any bad credit history or a lack of it. And with our dedicated experienced loan officers studying your business together with you, we will be able to understand your operations better. This knowledge enables us to approve your loan for as soon as the day you submit your application. That is to say you can get your cash on the same day.

If you are looking for a no hassle, flexible repayment and affordable credit facility that can be available at your call, Advance Cash is your No. 1 choice.

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