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He was strong, but not of extraordinary vigor. She had seen more powerful muscles in circuses and boxers. But immediately she thought of the exploits of “The King of the Prairies.” Cinematography has its tricks and mysteries, like all things theatrical; but the truth is always the truth, and she had seen her Lionel lift huge logs, seize an enemy and throw him out the window like a handkerchief, break down doors …

And the thing is that muscle, Mina thought, is not everything; the inner and mysterious energy that only heroes possess is worth more. » Her Lionel, undoubtedly, was in the manner of an electric battery, which in certain moments of excitement could develop an immense force. She had seen him fighting eight at the same time, and knew how far he was capable of going.

One night, while in Marseilles on his way to Egypt, Mina wanted to walk through the Old Port, in the light of the moon. See the ancient ships of the Mediterranean asleep on the silver waters! Believe yourself in times of the Odyssey when contemplating the rows of small sailboats coming from Greece! …

The deserted docks were dangerous after midnight. In the nearby alleys, whores of the most abject abjection swarmed, together with Negroes, with Levantine sailors, with Moroccans and Hindus, with vagabonds from all over the planet. But the millionaire did not know fear. In addition, she was supported by the strongest of the arms.

Her aurora hair, her majestic gait, the perfume that her steps were sowing, the brilliance of a diamond in her unsheathed right hand, made four dark men, of square strength and disquieting faces, come to a halt behind her, who consulted each other with hoarse voices. drunk.

Gould only had time to leave his wife’s arm and turn on his heel, warned by the confused words of these vagabonds, who seemed to agree.

Mina was a few steps away, more curious than frightened, savoring in advance the great correction that the bandits were going to receive. “King of the Prairies” would end the fight in seconds.

But the poor “king”, after defending himself with a theatrical arrogance, without any hesitation, sure of his triumph, came to the ground sadly, as all those who have lived a life of illusion collapse when taking their first steps in existence.

Three of those wretches continued to hit the fallen to finish him off, while the other advanced towards Mina with some indecision, seeing that he was not trying to flee.

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