About Us

Advance Cash, Singapore’s No.1 moneylender for providing fast, affordable and transparent credit facilities that can have cash disbursed to you as soon as 12 hours from your application. Same day application, same day cash.

Here in Advance Cash, customers’ problems are our problems. Our experienced loan officers are trained and dedicated to listen intently to the financial issues that are bugging you. Solutions are never far away and individual proposals to repay the loan is provided for you to decide your comfortability in making the payments.

Here in Advance Cash, interests are kept at a comfortably competitive range that is amongst the lowest in the market. We do not capitalize on your financial vulnerability of the moment and milk you at your weakest.

Here in Advance Cash, we believe in establishing a long term relationship with our customers. We strive to be available for you 24/7, whenever you are in need for we know you can never anticipate when the next emergency is going to happen. And when that happens, we want Advance Cash to be the only reliable financial provider you will ever remember. A lender that provides immediate funds to your immediate needs. No unnecessary questions, just tell us your problems and your needs and the cash will be ready for you.

Amongst the pioneers of the industry, Advance Cash has been in the market long enough to understand your needs. Each loan package is designed specifically based on your financial needs and your ability to pay. We do not offer you a plan that you have to pay through your nose but instead, one that is flexible to repay on your paydays and one that doesn’t adversely alter your current lifestyle.

We do not discriminate your financial past nor your nationality. From locals to foreigners, individuals to businesses. No loans will be viewed based on your history. We want to help you with your problems and we care enough to understand your situation and ensure that we get paid only when you get yours.

No hidden fees, no sky high interests, no harassment, no longful wait, no weekly installments. Here in Advance Cash, we look into your interests at heart and ensure that you are not further saddled to need to borrow to pay us back. We are here to help and not another problem for you.

So if you are looking for a lender who cares and a lender that offers a loan that can be flexibly repaid at affordable interest rates, Advance Cash is your only choice.

Call us now at 6338 5115 for us to help you.